Intro Stats

An examination of both descriptive and inferential statistics. Specific topics include the scientific method, data analysis and production, measures of central tendency and variability, correlation and regression, random sampling and probability, nonparametric inferential tests, and parametric inferential tests including one-way analysis of variance. Specific instruction and computer experience in the use of SPSS is provided. Computer fee.

Four hours.

BE 5300

This is an on-line introductory course in Clinical Bioethics that is designed to be the academic equivalent to BE 5300.  While this course will inform the students about the role of hospital clinical ethics committees and the responsibilities of clinical ethics consultants, it will primarily engage students in the process of doing ethical analysis in group discussions and in writing ethics consultation reports on specific cases typically encountered by a consultant in clinical ethics.

2 credit hours 

CM 325Students will participate in an intensive and advanced level of ministry leadership for a total of 120 hours over the course of thesemester. Additional coursework will emphasize the development of practical ministry skills for the student’s selected area of emphasis. 

3 credit hours