BA in CM

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries




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Walk confidently in your calling as a child of God and a servant of His kingdom.

Become empowered theologically and theoretically in the areas of personal maturity, relational competence, and ministry skill in order to engage contemporary culture through Christ.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries

Where can this degree take me?

Students pursuing a degree in Christian Ministries find themselves prepared and equipped for service in missions, churches, and parachurch organizations, whether on a part-time, full-time or volunteer basis. Our students will walk confidently in their calling, with the skills necessary for their future ministry. We offer a well-rounded approach through the following five program goals:

Personal Maturity. The Christian Ministries graduate will demonstrate a healthy sense of self in Christ, commitment to a lifestyle of ministry and progress toward godly character.

People-Skills. The Christian Ministries graduate will interact in a relationship-based ministry which empowers service, initiates discipleship and sustains appropriate biblical spiritual formation.

Penetration of Culture. The Christian Ministries graduate will teach, write, speak, create media, counsel or in other ways communicate Christ in culturally relevant ways with excellence.

Programming. The Christian Ministries graduate will develop a strategic organizational plan which accounts for effective leadership and efficient administration.

Philosophy. The Christian Ministries graduate  will articulate a philosophical base which is cognizant of current theory, founded on the Scriptures and theologically sound.

What will I study?

Classes included in the Christian Ministries core are developed and taught with a commitment to the five goals of the program:

  • Core Courses - 25 hours

    CM 260 Introduction to Intercultural Ministries 3 hrs
    CM 224 IFE: Spiritual Formation 3 hrs
    CM 320 Principles of Ministry Programming 3 hrs
    CM 342 Relational Skills for Ministry 3 hrs
    CM 480 Christian Ministries Integrative Seminar 1 hr
    BI 275 Teaching the Bible 3 hrs
    BRS 231 Christian Doctrine 3 hrs
    BRS 338 Theol. & Sociological Found. Of Evangelism 3 hrs
    BRS 340X History of Christianity 3 hrs


In addition to taking integrative and core courses, students completing their Christian Ministries degree online at Trinity choose from one of three specializations to fulfill their degree requirements. Each specialization offered includes courses that provide focused instruction relating to different areas of ministry.

What are the prerequisites for admission to this program?

Our online degree completion programs are made for students who have already completed some coursework at the college or university level.

All applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (using a 4.0 scale). After submitting your application, an admissions counselor will contact you with instructions on how to submit transcripts from your past institutions. Finally, after reviewing your past credits, a counselor will provide you with an estimate of transferable credits and an estimated timeline to program completion.